AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend: Katherine Webb a Twitter Hit Video

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AJ and Katherine Webb McCarron Welcome Son Tripp

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AJ McCarron is a married man. He married his longtime girlfriend Katherine Webb on July 12, His wife, Katherine Webb is an American model, famous for being the Miss Alabama USA

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QB’s Bombshell Girlfriend Becomes a Viral Sensation

A corrected version of the story is below: Webb gained tens of thousands of Twitter followers during and after Alabama’s win over Notre Dame on Monday to claim its third national championship in four seasons. For her part, the surprised beauty pageant queen isn’t taking it too seriously. She said at the time it all started, she was oblivious in the stands, sitting near McCarron’s mother. Her iPhone had died so she didn’t know about the attention until friends seated nearby showed her what was happening on Twitter and pointed out that her picture was on TV.

You get all the good-looking women,” he said.

CLEVELAND (AP) – Buffalo’s quarterback condition is extra scrambled than ever. AJ McCarron sustained a doubtlessly severe correct shoulder injury, throwing the Bills’ three-manner quarterback race into chaos, all the way through a win over the Cleveland Browns on Friday evening.

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Katherine Webb in a bikini with husband AJ McCarron Online

Video Transcript Transcript for A. The announcers of Monday night’s game seemed to be mesmerized by one particularly. Pretty — Cheering on the Crimson Tide star player. That’s shown on camera not once not twice but repeatedly.

Jan 09,  · Katherine Webb– the GF of Alabama star QB A.J. McCarron– says ESPN had no reason to issue an apology for Brent Musburger’s televised swooning during the BCS Championship game because the.

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‘Bama QB’s girlfriend in spotlight after title win

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Webb gained tens of thousands of Twitter followers during and after Alabama’s win over Notre Dame on Monday to claim its third national championship in four seasons. For her part, the surprised beauty pageant queen isn’t taking it too seriously. She said at the time it all started, she was oblivious in the stands, sitting near McCarron’s mother.

Her iPhone had died so she didn’t know about the attention until friends seated nearby showed her what was happening on Twitter and pointed out that her picture was on TV. You get all the good-looking women,” he said. Some found the remarks from the year-old Musburger out of line. However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that. For a woman to be called beautiful, I don’t see how that’s an issue.

Tuesday, Webb had topped , Twitter followers, trumping McCarron’s , Before the game, she reportedly had about 2, Her biography says she was born in Montgomery and grew up in Phenix City, but now lives in Los Angeles – though Bonner said she is considering moving back to Alabama to be with McCarron.

Katherine Webb Dumps AJ McCarron, Unfollows Him On Twitter

Check out some of the most beautiful wives and girlfriends of the NFL. The two got married in June and have two children: She released her first album in which featured three hit songs:

l R u dating aj @_ka @_katherinewebb kaaronhale @stubaby – I’m dying. 😂 @_katherinewebb Please leave a nice little note for him. stubaby @_katherinewebb @kaaronhale yes please Katherine.

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Your thoughts on Katherine Webb.

By Sam Laird McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb had, her own count, slightly more than 2, Twitter followers this time Monday. Fast forward 24 hours, one college football title game, a drooling ESPN announcer and a social media meltdown by seemingly every red-blooded American male.

Following Friday’s Buffalo Bills win over the Cleveland Browns, in which McCarron suffered a collarbone injury, McCarron’s wife Katherine Webb and Allen’s girlfriend Brittany Williams took.

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Katherine Webb decilnes a sincere apology from ESPN and Musberger for the latter’s eyebrow raising gametime commentary. Katherine Webb’s beau, .

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Quarterbacks and the WAGs who drive them

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In the story BC-US–Alabama QB’s Girlfriend that ran Jan. 8, The Associated Press reported erroneously described as Katherine Webb as a former Miss Alabama. The correct title should be former Miss.

At the age of five, McCarron was severely injured in a jet-ski accident and almost died. He is now one of the most renowned NFL players in the game today. Her parents are Alan and Leslie Webb; she attended middle school and high school in Columbus, Georgia, and graduated from Northside High School in She then attended Auburn University. She has completed her degree but now looks to be at home looking after her kids, supporting her husband and taking time out for herself.

Due to some sort of incident on the show her twitter jumped overnight from about 2, to over , followers and although she had been dating AJ McCarron but after the fame she got from that show people realized who she is. The next day, the phrase “AJ McCarron girlfriend” was one of Google’s highest trending terms, with over 1 million searches AJ McCarron and his now wife Katherine Webb announced that they plan to get married in March and they were finally married on July 12, On May 24, , she gave birth to their son Tripp McCarron.

Now they are happily living together, enjoying life and everything it offers.

Katherine Webb, Alabama QB A.J. McCarron’s Girlfriend, Is Web’s Latest Crush