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Royer induction heater Introduction The Mazilli ZVS flyback driver is well-known throughout the high voltage community for its simplicity and ability to deliver kV at high currents for a flyback transformer. About one and a half year ago, Marko from 4hv. I build the circuit as a proof of concept model in order to show it to my father that would like to start doing black smith work on small knifes. Working with electricity is dangerous, all information found on my site is for educational purpose and I accept no responsibility for others actions using the information found on this site. Read this document about safety! Supply voltage needs to be minimum 12 VDC, lower than R gate resistors can be used in that case, if supply voltage dips under 10 VDC, there is a risk of MOSFETs failing from overheating by working only in the linear region or short circuit if one of them stops switching. The internal construction of MOSFETs with a higher voltage rating makes them unsuitable for use in a self oscillating circuit like this Royer oscillator. A MMC is made from 27 capacitors to avoid excessive heating in a single capacitor. The capacitors will still heat as massive current flows between the tank and work coil.

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Use the computer motherboard diagram to familiarize yourself with motherboard components, terms and locations. All boards will be slightly different as far as which components they have, and the locations of those components may differ, but they are pretty close. A Computer Motherboard Diagram Once you know what you are looking at, you can recognize the components on any motherboard layout.

A computer motherboard diagram is very useful for when you need to replace motherboard, do motherboard upgrades, troubleshoot motherboard, or build your own computer.

To use the Add2PSU you just plug in the 20 or pin ATX connector from the new power supply onto this board and then a 4-pin Molex connector from the existing power supply.

Aug 18, As mentioned at the end of the intro post , after I had figured up a rough parts list I set to work mocking things up in SketchUp. I want to detail my process of going from idea to finished CAD model that’s ready to manufacture so grab your beverage of choice, this will be a long post actually posts it turns out! Designing the case part 1: So my first step was to double-check what those dimensions were. Many of which are available from formfactors.

Strangely they don’t have the newest ATX revision v2. The physical dimensions haven’t changed in many years but it’s good practice to work with the latest version of a spec. Few things of note though, while it’s good to adhere to the spec as much as possible to maintain compatibility, it’s also necessary to be aware of how other manufacturers deviate from it in practice to make sure whatever you’re designing will work in the real world.

For example, the ATX spec officially only allows for a housing with a mm depth. But anyone who’s shopped for ATX power supplies knows that almost all the higher-end units are mm deep or more. The height, width, and mounting holes are the same though so I’ll just use the figure 12 from the ATX spec for reference. Another deviation is the mounting tabs visible at the front edge of the unit in the diagram. I’m not sure if it’s an optional part of the spec or not, but either way, nobody ever implements it in consumer units so adding support for them in a consumer case is pointless.

Well, it’s 86mm height x mm width x?

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DL Stratton October 27, I am having a similar problem when I use the 12v rails to power 12v tungsten under cupboard lights to light my Kitchen counter top. The lights are 12 v 20 w and run at 1. I have 6 of them powered so they need 10 amps total to run.

Aug 21,  · most of those xx-in-1 boards have a computer molex plug. so either jump an atx to power it or hack off a plug and wire it up to the weiya supply.

Step 17 – Troubleshooting The next step is installing a power supply and hooking up power to the motherboard. Included with your computer power supply should be at least 4 screws, sometimes more. These are what will hold the power supply in place. If it didn’t come with screws, borrow a few from the bag of screws that came with the motherboard.

You will always end up with extra screws. I put them in a small bag and store them with the rest of the component materials in a small box. Slide the computer power supply into the case, and secure it with the four screws. These go in from the outside of the computer, on the back. Next, find the main ATX power cable. Connect this into the ATX power supply connection on the motherboard.

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Choose a good mid-tower ATX case or larger with at least: Depending on the chassis you choose you may want to perform some case modifications prior to assembling your system. These modifications should concentrate on your chassis air-flow for maximum cooling. Your chassis should have fans that bring air into the front of the case intake and out to the back of the case exhaust. My case has two mm fans.

May 05,  · If not I use a good quality watt atx power supply and just hook it up to the mobo and unplug all the other berg and molex connectors to the floppy, hard drive, etc. I also make sure that the cpu fan is hooked up.

I have two 35 amp models that I would like to combine outputs on to double current capacity. I was told to just tie them together, but that sounds too simple- is this correct? Would not one supply’s regulator be controlled by the output of the other power supply? I would like the two supplies to equally share the load within reason. An amp here or there won’t make any difference in my application. While we’re on the subject- I have no need to do this, but the subject has interesting possibilities what would happen if you tied two power supplies in series?

Would you get Or would the internal regulators see the Whether multiple power supplies can be paralleled and how to do it depends on the power supply. Why not email Astron tech support and ask them. If they don’t know who would? While there are several ways to do that, I used two stud mount amp diodes, 1 to each power supply for reverse current blocking, and jacked up each supply’s output voltage enough to compensate for the drop across the diodes.

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This affords room for more efficient mm fans. Some extreme power supplies may be mm or even mm deep. An older chassis may have issues, but our Corsair Carbide R can mount even the larger models easily for dual video card systems. The R also has room below the motherboard tray to make cable management a breeze. PSU failures can destroy other components if they short out. The problem is the design was simply to add more power for a single PCI Express x16 slot which is designed to use a maximum of 65W of power.

Dec 04,  · How to Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply – wikiHow. Dec 1, #5. chipdouglas Well-known member. Dec 1, #5. Just hook up something that draws current (resistor, lightbulb, etc.) to one of the +5V I run my flexdrive that I use for testing off my PC power supply all the time. I just leave the case off my.

It should work fine, even given its dubious provenance. Winter versus summer should not make a big difference. The largest power draw is during the heat up phase. In winter, the bed will use slightly more power to stay warm, but regardless of whether it is summer or winter the peak power draw during heat up will be the same. The cheapness of these supplies tends to be reflected in more output ripple but for heating the bed and running the motors you don’t need a very stable voltage and improper filtering.

This may inject noise back into the mains, possibly affecting other equipment nearby. Should this occur, you can just stop using the power supply. However, in my experience, they can deliver the rated power just fine. They’re not completely horrible. Your biggest concern should be whether the wires that lead to your heated bed can handle the current and whether the screw terminals are properly tightened. During the first use, you should check that the power supply does not get extremely hot.

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There are a lot different types of robots that you can make by yourself. Most of the people want to see a robot perform the simple tasks of moving from point A to point B. You can make a robot completely from analogue components or buy a starter kit from scratch!

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Hacking the HP Z Xeon motherboard into a standard case Posted on Nov 1, in hardware , PC About four years ago now the company I work for were investing in some new servers for a project that we were working on and what turned up were quad LGA socket Xeons with support for up to Gb of memory. We ran Redhat Enterprise Linux on them and they were, and still are, extremely fast linux servers that could operate as physical boxes in our production environment or virtuals in development.

I still want one. I looked around and noticed that HP were doing a very similar board with two sockets and, crucially, it was packaged up into what looked like a normal PC tower case. And it was very expensive, much too expensive to justify forking out for one. Fast forward four years and times have changed. The board is massive.

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This makes them suitable targets for the electronic scavenger, as parts can more easily be retrieved intact. Parts, Parts, Parts Most obvious when dismantling one of these boxes are the metal case, IEC connector, power switch, and fan. If you look at the components on the PCB, many of them are standard discretes.

Just a selection of ATX power supply magnetics and cores. Toroidal chokes and ferrite bobbins used in filters as well as the various ferrite cored transformers.

ATX provided lower costs of assembly as well as allowing for increased integration. ATX also replaced the power supply with a far better design that included .

You should have both power supply plugs on the same side. Step 2 Before plugging in the stepsticks, place three jumpers under where each stepstick goes. If you are not using a dual extruder, you will likely have an empty socket. Note also that the stepper coils are numbered 1 and 2, with 1A and 1B going to one coil, and 2A and 2B going to the second coil.

A diagram for direction indication. Step 3 Fix the electronics assembly to the rear of the aluminum plate with three Arduino washers used to electrically insulate it. All electrical connections are summarized on the following scheme: The second extruder may be replace by a fan to cool the print. This scheme shows the connection for X, Y, and Z min stops. If you have a Y max stop for instance, then you would need to move the Y connection over one.

To do that, weld both power supply wires cut in a previous step according to their colors: We strongly recommend you to protect each weld with heat shrink tubing or an insulating adhesive tape.

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Bo Ziffer 6 weeks ago Reply How did you calculate the amps you could draw on each leg 12v, 5v, and 3. What i wanna do is give power to a board wich can handle max 24V A so i’m considering using old ATX but but grabing those 12V lines. MichaelF 8 months ago Reply I don’t think so for more than a slight bit of current.

Press the power supply latch (1), and then slide the power supply (2) to the left to release it. Step 10 Move the power supply to the left and then down, freeing it from the computer.

The whole setup is shoved into a mini ITX case. That’s what gave me the Idea of using an ATX power supply to provide power to the RPi, and the hard drives, from one source instead of 3 different sources, like it is now. Let me know if you need more information. What sort of connectors are involved here? Do they use separate connectors for power and data on the hard drive end?

If so you could just hook up SATA power connectors straight from the power supply. If the adapters themselves need to be powered you may have to break out the soldering iron and adapt a Molex connector, but as long as the adapters work at 5V that shouldn’t be an issue either. You can see what I mean in this picture: I just didn’t know, with your device, if the ATX PSU would still operate as it normally would and power the drives too.

Do you still offer the ATX-Pi kit? I would be interested in purchasing one. For me, an important design decision was to not require modification to the power supply. You will need an ATX 2. I designed this board to be a bit more elegant than a paper clip though, with a solid connection to the pin ATX plug and a standard USB connection to deliver 5V to the Pi.

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Release the retaining clip. If the slot has two clips, press both down simultaneously. Remove the left panel to open the main case compartment. Some cases have power supply cages on the bottom, and some on the top of the case. Secure it to the case with the screws that came with your power supply.

ATX Power Supply Unit Connections Then connect the PS-ON (green) and black wires with a paper clip and hook up a voltage meter to any of the black wires to measure the connectivity. If the PSU voltage output registers correctly for the unit capacity, then contact the manufacturer for further help. The Wire Color Standards for Computer.

It’s a great source for a cheap power supply. You can get 5 volts, 12volts in the 10 amp range for very very cheap. If it has been off for some time, it is probably safe. YMMV I’ve never had problems. I just want to spread a little education when it comes to opening your computer’s power supply unit. I’ve taken one electronics college class way back in However, there was an individual who also took the class that was working as a tech who repairs those cabinet arcade game machines.

Yup, the voltage running around in there can kill on contact. Yup, same for the computer’s power supply. This is very simple, all you need are some leads such as these http: Basically you are plugging the lead into the ground of an extention cord. This will effectively discharge all the stored voltage to earth ground.

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