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Chock-full of contests, parties, meet and greets, and more, the all-ages pop culture convention will cover all , square feet of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre over the Labour Day weekend, August 31 until September 3. Enjoy the ultimate Rocky Horro experience including screenings of the film with an introduction by one of the stars, panels, photo-ops, autograph sessions and much more. This live Adventure game will keep you guessing using various clues, hints and suggestions to complete the all objectives and unveil the secret plot hidden within!

In support of the SickKids Foundation.

A group of singletons were selected to set the world record for the highest ever speed dating event – conducted at an altitude of 35, feet. After going on a series of bar dates, the passengers.

Using her tenacious in-ring style as a mouthpiece, LeRae pulled out all stops to make The Lady of NXT eat her words, throwing chops, hard elbows and flying hard rights to ensure the message was received. With this victory, Evans will surely have even more to say if these two cross paths again. The Forgotten Sons def. The heavy-hitting trio demonstrated a jaw-dropping show of force against their opponents, as everyone from Ryker to Cutler and Blake came out slugging.

But Nese remained dominant for a better part of the match, using his power advantage to outwit his opponent. At one point, he even countered the Gargano Escape with a devastating deadlift buckle bomb.

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Powers answered some question for us. So we hope you enjoy the interview. Follow the full tour right HERE. Tell the readers a bit about This Thing Called the Future? I wrote this novel because I wanted to explore what it might be like to grow up in the middle of an epidemic, when people all around you are dying of a sexually transmitted disease.

I also wrote this novel because I became sort of obsessed with traditional healing—divination, consulting the ancestors, spirit possession—in all cultures but particularly in Zulu culture.

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This was my fourth visit in ten years and the crowd was as big as ever. Looking back on the trip, a few thoughts have occurred to me One event was Sci-Fi Speed Dating. I was pressured into it. There were 53 guys and 50 girls, all of various shapes, sizes, and complexions. We sat with a girl, traded pleasantries for three minutes, then rotated. Multiply that by Some people got bupkes. How damaging to the self-esteem it must be not to receive any positive attention from the opposite sex at a sci-fi convention!

If not here, then where? After chatting with 50 girls, there seems to be a clear dividing line in fandom. Imagine a Venn diagram: Who and all things Whedon.


Share this article Share ‘It will without doubt be the most bizarre date I’ll ever go on, but I know all my friends are going to be jealous. Guinness World Record judge Craig Glenway walks through the cabin while the record attempt was underway High on life: One couple enjoy a laugh while Katharina Weichel and Simon Tripp document the record-breaking event The company arranged the caper after learning that travel is the most common topic of conversation during a first date, according to a new study.

The study also found that one in ten people have lied about the places they’ve visited in a bid to impress Mr or Ms Right. Becky and Jonathan join daters to celebrate their achievement with the Guinness World Record judge And they may in fact be wise to do so, because a third of respondents admitted they find those who are well-traveled sexier.

The excited group pictured after completing their journey City of Love:

Warren Ellis (born February 16, ) is a British author of comics, novels, and television, well known for his sarcastic personality and sociocultural commentaries, both through his online presence and his writing, as well as his use of extropian and transhumanist themes (most notably nanotechnology, cryonics, uploading, and human enhancement).

The aim is to create events of interest to Publishers, Indie Publishers and up and coming designers and make UKGE the best place to go to find out about making games as well as playing them. Here then is what we are currently planning for you. Everyone is welcome to visit this area for game designers and playtesters. Just bring along a playable prototype of a board game or card game that you are developing and receive comments from members of the gaming public.

Or play the games and give feedback to help the designers to improve their games and be entered into a prize draw. Wyverns Lair This event will feature 12 entrants whose game ideas were chosen by the Wyverns themselves.

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Comic book, gaming and anime enthusiasts in the Orlando area look forward to the Orlando MegaCon each and every year, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite artists, writers, creators, game developers and even, hopefully, a sneak peek at upcoming video games and comic book related movies. So it isn’t surprising that fans of the event try to find out as much information as possible about the show before it begins. Well, MegaCon has just dropped a tasty bit of information in the form of an update on the guest list for the show, which adds a ton of comic book guests, media guests, new events and so much more.

MegaCon unveiled this updated list of special comic book guests that included such names as: Stan Lee advanced autograph tickets, and VIP tickets are now available. In addition to that, autographs will be granted on a first-come first-served basis and will be limited.

GEEK SPEED DATING. When you’re at a pop culture convention you’re surrounded by like-minded people, but sometimes meeting folks can be complicated .

The nominated works were published between January 1 and December 31, The award winners were chosen by a jury vote. All images shown are copyright c and trademark TM their respective owners, and are used to promote the nominations. And the winners are: The nominees were selected from individual publications submitted for review before the deadline of May 13th, This year the award will be split into two categories:


So, to get to the easy part; creating the budget, you need to start with a simple list of your expenditures. Take out a piece of paper or open a Word document and at the very top write or type the amount of money that you bring home each month. Now, create a list of everything you spend money on. Then jot down all of the other things you spend money on such as groceries, fuel, car washes, lunches and dinners out, entertainment, clothes shopping, etc.

Look at each of your bills and write down the amount of each one next to its entry on the list.

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Say hello to the single One-Termer who mocks that assumption. Of candidates up for office, James K. Polk was literally an out-of-left-field choice known as a dark horse for the Democratic Party in By then, Polk had been out of elected office for four years. He had a decent resume – Speaker of the U. House, one-time Governor of Tennessee – but recent efforts to get re-elected as Governor failed.

What happened in was that the Democrats were divided between Van Buren – he was still an active force in the party – and rising Lewis Cass. Faced with a deadlock, allies of both Polk and his mentor Andrew Jackson dropped hints that Jackson the party’s true leader favored Polk as a compromise candidate. Polk and Van Buren could both claim being Jackson’s protege: Polk also pledged to voluntarily stick to one term, giving the likes of Cass another chance at the brass ring. Polk won the office with several advantages: The Whigs were still in disarray over the betrayals by Tyler, the nation was at the beginnings of the Manifest Destiny urge to spread westward to the Pacific which the Democrats pledged to do, and the Whig candidate was Henry Clay the first three-time candidate, losing all three.

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