Structural matching of BPEL processes

Overview[ edit ] One can describe Web-service interactions in two ways: An executable business process: An abstract business process: Contrary to Executable Processes, an Abstract Process may hide some of the required concrete operational details. By doing so, it extends the Web Services interaction model and enables it to support business transactions. It also defines an interoperable integration model that should facilitate the expansion of automated process integration both within and between businesses.


Conclusion A Service Taxonomy Service-oriented economies thrive by promoting composition. In SOAs, new solutions can be created by composing together new application-specific business logic and functionality with existing, recombinant business capabilities. Today, these business capabilities are mostly built in-house, or purchased for on-site deployment as a packaged solution.

R&D in planning and knowledge discovery techniques for Web service composition, Business Processes Modeling languages (XPDL, WS-BPEL), Semantic Web Services, Autonomic Computing. Student Thesis MentoringTitle: Researcher at IFSTTAR-ENTPE, .

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BPEL Processes Matchmaking for Service Discovery

The description of the behavior of the requested web service and the description of the behavior of the computing service conform to a description logic. Based on logical rules of the description logic, it is determined that the description of the behavior of the existing computing service is subsumed by the description of the behavior of the requested web service. For example, users may implement or access a software application to obtain a stock quote or an airline reservation, or to manage aspects of a business enterprise.

Particular functions of software applications may be implemented as more or less discrete components, and may thereby be used in a variety of contexts. For instance, the example just given of software for obtaining a stock quote may be implemented in a software component that may then be deployed into many other software applications, such as, for example, a stock price charting tool or a daily stock price reporting tool.

Service-oriented Computing (SOC) is the new promising cross-disciplinary area of distributed computing that represent heterogeneous distributed software applications as collection of services or software agents which can communicate freely with each other.

Every device can be either allowed, blocked, or quarantined. You can define the access state of each device through an organizational rule or through an exemption. An exemption is a rule that’s applied to a single user or single device. This occurs each time an Exchange ActiveSync request is received from a mobile device that’s trying to synchronize data from a mailbox stored on an Exchange server.

The sequence of challenges includes the following steps: Is the mobile device authenticated? If not, challenge the mobile device for the correct credentials. Otherwise, go on to the next step. Is Exchange ActiveSync enabled for the current user? If not, return an “access restricted” error to the device. Are the mobile policy enforcement criteria met by the current mobile device? If not, block access. Is this mobile device blocked by a personal exemption for the user?

If so, block access.


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discovery of web services, taking into account the client between a business service and its business processes, defined by a domain expert playing the role of BP Designer. (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) [12].

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Overview of Oracle SOA Management

The World Wide Web is changing. While once conceived of and implemented as a collection of static pages for browsing, it now promises to become a web of services–a dynamic aggregate of interactive, automated, and intelligent services that interoperate via the Internet. Multiple web services will interoperate to perform tasks, provide information, transact business, and generally take action for users, dynamically and on demand. Such prospects are especially important for the e-business community, providing opportunities for conducting business faster, more efficiently, and with greater ease than ever before.

For instance, the opportunity to manage supply chains dynamically, to achieve market advantage, is expected to increase productivity and add value to products.

SUPER Execution comprises SBPELEE for the execution of semantic BPEL processes BPEL4SWS) and Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) for the discovery, interoperability and execution of SWS. Capability functional description WS WS Advertising of Web Service Support for WS Discovery client-service interaction interface for consuming WS external.

Previous Next Discipline Leader: He has made significant contributions to process mining research in the areas of performance analysis and data quality, notably in event log imperfection patterns, which enables a systematic approach to data cleaning. Unlocking the full potential of business processes Dr Chun Ouyang looks at the design and deployment of dedicated business process analytics and automation techniques.

She has recently established research in a new inter-disciplinary initiative: Innovating business processes Dr Wasana Bandara leads the research group on Human Centric Business Process Management, one of the first research groups dedicated to understanding how to design and execute process improvements and innovations that are less resisted and have more impact for stakeholders across private and public sectors, in developed and developing nations.

Quality data for quality decision making Dr Robert Andrews looks at how identifying and quantifying process-data quality can improve data-driven decision making. His research could be applied to business process improvement and risk management in areas such as emergency department patient flows and insurance claims payouts. Game technologies and novel user interfaces for better work practice Dr Erik Poppe looks at how technical support for human work practice can be improved using gaming technology and novel user interfaces.

His research could be applied by organisations for better customer experiences by reducing waiting times and service costs for things like for hospital treatments or insurance claim payouts. What is business process management BPM? It sets out to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation, is a significant contributor to an organisation’s overall performance and competitiveness, and a key enabler of innovation and transformation.

High levels of BPM principles, methods, techniques and tools are widely applied in many organisations in different industries around the world.


The central objective is to increase systems interoperability and adaptability by adding semantic annotations on service declarations and business processes, in order to capitalize on the information contained in ontologies. The following twofold approach has been undertaken: Its implementation allows us to publish semantically annotated declarations into a well-known service registry and make discovery queries regarding semantic concepts extracted from ontologies.

A Probabilistic Approach for Web Service Discovery Chune Li, Richong Zhang, Jinpeng Huai, Xiaohui Guo, and Hailong Sun A Technique of Analyzing Trust Relationships to Facilitate Scientific Service Discovery Alignment and Change Propagation between Business Processes and Service .

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Implementation Of Runtime Web Service Discovery

But they vary greatly in terms of service characteristics. SOA defines 4 basic service types as depicted below: Business services are coarse-grained services that define core business operations. Enterprise services implement the functionality defined by business services. They rely on application services and infrastructure services to fulfill business requests.

Web services conversations: why do they matter and what they mean to you Fabio Casati • Business processes • BPEL free with BPEL) • graphical tools service skeleton Protocol specs protocol compiler service implementation add biz logic top down Protocol specs.

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