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So, why connect it to an unrelated past? By a considerable margin, actually. Newcomers will definitely appreciate the clarity and customization options available through the straightforward menu system. But Smoant veterans will likely have a slight case of Deja vu after firing up the device. At just 89mm tall, the Charon Mini is pretty comparable to the current industry leaders, though the 45mm width and 29mm depth might be a little thicker than some would expect from the front of the box. Still, smart beveled design and a no-nonsense frame means the Charon Mini fits well in the hand and never becomes too cumbersome, even after holding it for extended periods of time. Also, kudos to Smoant for centering the solid connection, rather than trying to artistically offset it to the side. Not only because it makes design sense, but it usually allows for a wider range of atomizers to sit atop the mod without overhang.

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In just three years, the electronic cigarette manufacturer Juul has swallowed the American market with its USB key-shaped vapes. ET Chocolate cupcake, creme, mango, tutti frutti, “blue” — sugary-sounding flavors familiar to teenage e-cigarette users are facing more crackdowns from the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA seized more than 1, pages of documents during a “surprise inspection” at Juul Labs, an electronic cigarette company based in San Francisco.

The agency has been narrowing their focus on Juul and what critics say are its “kid-friendly flavors” as youth vaping rates have increased. In a statement to NPR, an agency spokesperson said Tuesday’s surprise inspection was part of an effort to seek “further documentation related to JUUL’s sales and marketing practices. The FDA’s action came on the same day as new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicating that Juul’s sales grew more than sevenfold from to

There are three main differences between these two vapes: the battery life, the size, and how you change the temperature. Battery Life: The battery life of the Crafty is about 45 minutes, and the Mighty is about twice that at 90 minutes or so.

Hi All, just ordered a Innoken Endura T22 from vapeking, trying to kick this 20 year, 16mg , pack a day habit. Got kids now so have to think about them! Been trawling this forum for a few days but I’m still at a bit of a loss as to what juice to get and where to get it from. What’s the difference between some of these dirt cheap Chinese brands and the boutique brands I see on the vape shop out of NZ?

Are brands like liqua, hangsen, et al OK? Not sure I trust these cheap Chinese brands to not put other junk chemicala in the juice!? When it comes to cheap chinese juice there’s different levels It’s probably wise to avoid the cheapest of cheap and stick to known good brands and stores Genuine big company juice like Liqua, Hangsen, and Dekang from decent suppliers like Healthcabin, Heavengifts and such would be fine there’s a few places listed in the wiki I’ve always used Chinese Dekang juice

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There are a few cases in which your battery button will start blinking, and in this article we are going to explain what those cases are and what they mean. Push the button five times to switch your vape pen on or off. If your vape pen does not work when it first arrives, it is most likely off and will work fine if you push the button five times. After you push the button five times, your battery light will start blinking. This tells you that you have successfully turned your vape pen on or off.

Can I hook one up to my iPhone? Yes, you can. The Supersmoker has Bluetooth connectivity and a speaker, so you can take phone calls or blast Spotify tunes without ever taking a break from vaping.

What is the actual difference between the Protank 2 and Protank 3 and how will those changes affect me? Kanger Protank 2 Vs 3: I mean, it stands to reason that a number 3 in the same range should feature some sort of upgrade in design which will justify forking out for a whole new tank system. Yet, on the surface these tanks look absolutely identical. So the answer to this question is yes and no.

Depending, really, on your vaping preferences the Pro Tank 3 may or may not be an upgrade over the Pro Tank 2. I advise you, therefore, to read on. Difference Between The Kanger Protank 2 and 3 To answer this question I will break both pieces down into their components, highlighting differences and what they mean to the vaper. Also the Pro Tank 3 can be fitted with a drip tip, which is definitely an upgrade.

Although the dual coil is designed to allow more vapor production, I barely noticed a difference in actual vapor quantity. On testing both devices with the same e-liquid and over the same wattage range I found the two setups gave me the same airflow with one big difference… Heat. The Protank 2 already gives me an awesome, rich draw and really good performance on a higher wattage, so all the Protank 3’s dual coil system really does is increase the heat level, power and liquid consumption.


How do you rate this product? Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Posted by Sidney Kelley on Feb 6th I order only 3 Vapes and they sent me 7 I’m extremely excited and pleased with vape wild definitely buying from here again!

Tug Boat v2 Discussion in ‘RDAs – Rebuildable Dripper Talk’ started by it’s frustrating and most of my friends don’t have computer skills either.I’m trying to hook up w/someone to go one on one,which is what I’d is my punishment for being old school,I didn’t care about computers. You have all the vape gear and you are an.

Overall I think they are both good vaporizers, but I like the vapor quality of the Plenty a lot more. However, I still think you would be satisfied with either vape, so it really comes down to how much you want to spend and how badly you want top-shelf vapor. If you want to buy either of these vapes I highly recommend this store. So, this one is a whip only vape. And in this case, the whip being this coil thing on top. And the Extreme Q is a whip or a balloon style vape, because you could use it like this with the whip attachment.

And it also has a little piece with some balloons that it comes with, that if you wanted to, you could use it as a balloon vaporizer like the Volcano for instance. Now, the first main difference that you might have noticed already is that the Plenty vaporizer, this is a hand held vaporizer. The Extreme Q is stationary. You pick a spot to put it down and you leave it there. And then whoever wants to use it just has to sit around it, within this distance, this is how long the whip is.

And the whip does rotate around the top piece, too.

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So on Monday, Howard pressed the new host of ” Love Connection ” on whether or not he ever had a love connection of his own with his good pal, musician John Mayer. As close as the two are, Andy said there’s nothing romantic between him and John. However, Andy did reveal he would be able to date John, if only he was gay. The only famous man that Andy might choose over Mayer seems to be Brad Pitt. That’s interesting,” Andy said while pondering which staffer he’d rather hook-up with.

Find out how to use EScribe with your new LAVABOX DNA so you can enhance your vape. Included in this post are recommended user settings for your LAVABOX in easily downloadable files that can be uploaded into EScribe and straight into your device.

Pinterest How to travel with weed How are stoners supposed to get their stash to their destination without facing potential pot charges? Mat Lee explains how to travel with weed In these epic, modern times we live in, with flying metal canisters filled with humans rushing from state to state, country to country on important business, or seeking pleasure. With so much global jetsetting, how the hell are stoners getting their stash to the destination without facing serious potential charges?

A lot of people ask a lot of questions about this sort of stuff. Things like can you bring a vape on a plane, how many ounces can you fly with, how sketchy is it in the real world traveling with weed? How the fuck did all these vapes get on this motherufucking plane! The easiest way right now seems to be flying with vape pen in tow. How to travel with weed on a plane We here at Stuff Stoners Like should mention that any trouble you may find yourself in because you got caught trying to figure out how to fly with weed, is your bad.

I do however, hate having to find the weed hook up when I go to different places.

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For something cordless check out my picks for best portable vaporizer. This is a balloon-style vape which means the base unit itself acts like a big fan, and it basically blows super-heated air over your herb and vaporizes it. Vapor quality is top-shelf, the Volcano set the bar in this department a long time ago and other companies are still struggling to match its performance.

Top quality vape pens. Best of mg and full grams of top quality brands like Brassknuckles,Mariocarts and exotic carts with loud flavors like og,gsc,gdp,sourdiesel,straw berry,gelatto and sourdiesel with a sour diesel on deck hit me up for a hook up. legit supplier of top shelf buds grade A+. $ LA: .

We all know what kind of damage a venting battery can do. And Kanger is multiplying that by a factor of 5!! It is almost guaranteed that some Noob no offence intended with more money than common sense is gonna buy the thing, a Trustfire 6 bay charger, then charge and his brand new E-Fest 3, MaH rolleyes and just have a vape party. Perhaps while drunk he goes to get into his car and the battery is dead. I have a device right here that can produce a total of 15, Mah!

So I should be able to rig something up with the charger cord thingy and my battery cables and start this puppy right up! If I had one, it would be for when I am working at my desk.. Or beside my comfy chair but that would be about it. I mean the size and the weight, for me anyway, would just be a complete PITA!

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